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Snickers ads good but not a home run

Posted in Uncategorized by Jon Michaeli on January 28, 2009
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I really like the Snickers TV spots where you see banners and billboards spelling out “Nougatocity”, “Substantialicious” and “Peanutopolis” on the wrapper where you would typically find the brand name “Snickers.”

The other day, I picked up a Snickers at the check out counter and “Nougatocity” was written on the wrapper of the candy bar itself. Pretty cool I thought. I then realized that “Snickers” was written on the other side. Too bad.

Snickers is such a powerful brand, and the packaging is so instantly recognizable, why didn’t Mars have the guts to take the big “Snickers” name off the candy bar entirely? Sure, using the contrived terms alone would have been a riskier strategy, but such a stunt would have had people really talking.


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